Roaming Around the City of Puerto Princesa, Palawan

After our remarkable experience in El Nido, we came back to Puerto Princesa and, like the many turistas, bought the idea of roaming around the City.

City tour lets you visit some of the most famous places in Puerto Princesa, Palawan like the Baywalk, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel, Crocodile Farm, Mitra’s Ranch, Baker’s Hill and more.

The 4 hour tour normally goes for 600 pesos per person. This includes a service van, entrance fees and a tour guide. 600 is good if you have an abundant resources, assets and luxuries, and you have swimming pool at home. But we didn’t have any so, we looked for another option.

Good thing many travellers these days have written their experience on a budget itinerary. There, I got to contact the best deals ever. A van rental good for our group (which is 7 pax) for only 1500 pesos-esoses! Yihaa! Not bad, really.

The Experience

We started the tour at 1:30 PM by passing through the Baywalk while Kuya Ryan, our driver/tour guide shared a brief history of the place. You can read our post about the Baywalk soon.

Baywalk, Puerto Princesa City

The Baywalk was not that attractive at day time, maybe at night when you can feel the cold breeze touching your skin while walking hand in hand with Coco Martin. Or if there’s a festival or event happening.

Next stop, Plaza Cuartel. It’s like a park with (sad to say) an unpleasant historical information displayed along the way. The entrance here is FREE, so you could  tambay here and learn history without spending any amount.
Found at the entrance of Plaza Cuartel

Immaculate Conception Cathedral (exterior)

Immaculate Conception Cathedral (interior)

Immaculate Conception Cathedral, located along Rizal Avenue just across the Plaza Cuartel was not in our list of places to visit but I took the chance to see it because of its Gothic Architecture features.

Next on our list, Crocodile Farm. We also wanted to see the Butterfly garden but according to our tour guide, there’s no more thrill in there. Perhaps he knew we are action men and women who love crocodiles over butterflies. Smile with tongue out

See more of our daring encounter with the smallest to the largest crocs, soon. Plus, we also got to visit a mini zoo with eagle, bearcats, mynah birds and more. Visiting hours are from Mondays to Fridays, 1:30pm to 5pm; Saturdays 9am to 5pm.

Finally our last stop, Mitras Ranch, owned by the family of the late Senator Ramon Mitra.
Failed jump shot at the ranch’ view deck 

For me, it’s the best ranch ever because I’ve never been to any ranch before. Haha! Plus the entrance is FREE Free Freeh (echoes). And, it’s a few tumbling away from the famous Baker’s Hill, where you can find the most delicious hopia in town.

After the 4-hour tour, Kuya Ryan dropped the rest of us to the Souvenir Shop, while me and my brother went straight to Bahay ni Lolo Manit (our lodging in Puerto Princesa) to bring our cellphones to repair shop. Good news, kuya Ryan’s cousin is a technician working in a nearby shop. Bad news, he doesn’t have enough materials to revive our phones from the tragic event happened in El Nido, Palawan. Hay Sad smile

So, we just went back to the Souvenir Shop, grabbed a few items then went to our lodging. It took us about 25 minutes tricycle ride- boy, that’s too much! The bad timing driver seemed lost for direction grrr! but we didn’t argue since we’re not in our territory.

Anyway, Chowking replenished our long productive day with their appetizing pansit and chicken. Smile 

One thing I realized about our Palawan trip. It wasn’t the perfect extravagant vacation, but it’s the imperfection that makes it unforgettable and worth sharing.
For City Tour Van Rental, Kuya Ryan is the man, here’s the number to call 09154261966.

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