Flying for the first time

When we were kids, it was only a dream to be able to fly. But dreams can be turned into reality. We were able to fly at just the right age. Not too late.


Call me silly, but the feeling of doing something or being at some place for the first time, like flying for the first, makes me feel like I’m being executed! Perhaps, because of the many survival movies I’ve watched, like the latest movie Life of Pi where he was shipwrecked and his family wasn’t able to survive. Okay, I know, I’ll stop the nonsense but please, allow me to tell you our story.

We got our plane tickets 3 months before our trip to Palawan.  I was in Bulacan with a friend when sister called me. She’s booking a flight for the first time. I told her to ask mom for her credit card details but mom was busy that moment. Plus she cant remember her password. Ugh!

I thought we’ll never be able to catch another promo but after a few minutes, sister called again to tell me the good news. We got it! Yeah!

Okay, after doing series of revisions on our Do-it-Yourself itinerary and calling all the contact persons, fast forward to January 27 {our flight}.

4 hours before our departure, we were already in Naia Terminal 3 {Breaking the record}. Haha! So, we checked in our baggage first, and grabbed our lunch.


Long lines at Cebu Pacific


Lunch (L-R, MC, Van, Joe, Me, mom and Juan)

After the lunch at the expensive restaurant, we waited for another hour. We headed to the proceeding area {not sure how they call it}.


We were waiting, patiently {with the United Nation sitting with us}.


That’s me! Heading to  my first plane ride! {can you feel my irregular heart rate?} 


Be careful with our baggage


View from the window


I can feel its speed . It’s pain to our ears. I was holding mom’s hand so tight to ease my panicking heart. It’s going faster and faster then zooom!!! We’re flying!


I wish I could hug them tight!Grr


In my thoughts, these cottony thing were already melting in my mouth. rawr!

Airplane is one amazing invention! And God has done an amazing job on keeping us safe.


Just in time, PPC Int’l Airport Crew waiting always with a smile


See the excitement?


We’re coming!Smile 

Okay, fast forward again to Feb 1. Our flight back to Manila.


Palawan is United Nation! :)



Good bye, beautiful!


The feeling of me being paranoid was lessened, somehow. Thanks to the beautiful Island.




Oh God, please allow me to touch them and I’ll be the happiest!


Hello Manila!


I was only seeing you via Google Earth and now…


And we’re back to the city.

Now I understand Henry Rollins when he begged young people to travel. For he knew travelling is one life changing experience.


Myrna Amon said...

palawan a must visit island :)

footontheloose said...

I definitely agree :)

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