Cadlao Lagoon, Palawan’s Forgotten Kingdom


When we asked Kuya Ding (our tour guide) what’s the most beautiful island or lagoon at El Nido, he could barely say one in particular, since for him, each island or lagoon is different from each other and their beauty are all incomparable.

So I reword my question, “What is your favorite among all the island/lagoon at El Nido?” He stopped for a while, thinking. Then he bluntly told us, “Cadlao lagoon. You’ll understand when we get there.”

As we sail over to the entrance of the lagoon, my mouth opened in awe. It was like a lost kingdom from far away land. I can imagine a huge kingdom in a castle submerged into the water. If you’re a fan of kings and queens fairytales or Lancelot’s story, you will surely buy the idea.

No wonder it’s Kuya Ding’s favorite.



Check out some more photos so you’ll know what we meant and get Enchanted Smile




By the way, this sudden hop at Cadlao lagoon was actually a twist of event. Why? Coz’ what we reserved was a combination of Tour A and C, it just so happened that it was high tide in and was very risky to swim into the hidden beach. So instead, Kuya Ding chose Cadlao Lagoon as an alternate- which was supposed to be under Tour D package.

But no regrets at all for it wAS-WORTH-IT! Smile

Cadlao Lagoon happened to be our last visit in our island hopping itinerary and after that, we needed to get back to Puerto Princesa for another 6 hours butt numbing ride. But one thing’s for sure, just like Kuya Ding, Cadlao Lagoon won my heart <3 <3 <3

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