Bahay ni Lolo Manit; A Home Sweet Home Accommodation in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

One thing we considered in our Palawan Tour is the accommodation. My sister told me that, it has to be affordable yet cozy. So, I searched online, to the best of my powers, where to find an affordable-good looking lodging in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.


I found a few nice pension and called each one of them. But sister kept on pushing me if I could find a better option. If only she knew that my eyes almost popped out looking for an ideal place to stay! Grr! I hate her that time. But! I also have to thank her because, if not for her determination, I wouldn’t find a place which was really nice, cozy, and affordable. Plus, it’s just a 5 minute ride to the Puerto Princesa International Airport, and 7 minutes to the Baywalk.

Walkway to the house (See the cottages on the side?)


The transient house is called Bahay ni Lolo Manit. It was named after the late lolo (grand father) of the very humble owner, ate Bats.

Inside their lot are 2 houses. The one is for travelers who can settle for a fan room. The other, which has AC, is for group/barkadahan. We asked ate Bats if she could give us the one with the AC because mom was very paranoid about the news of having malaria in Palawan. Good thing, ate Bats was really nice at dealing with us. She offered us the house with AC.

But, since we were in a tight budget, she offered 2 rooms, plus the other facilities like water dispenser, cable TV, mini gym, complete kitchen set, dining area, wi-fi and, a nice and clean bath room, for 2300 pesos per night- that is for 7 persons.
Bahay ni Lolo Manit wasn’t a 5 star pension. It wasn’t even known to most of the Pinoy travel bloggers, but I had to commend it more than that. Here are my reasons:

Very warm and hospitable people (L-R: Mom, Clariss, Ate Bats, Van and Ate Helen)
Roof deck at Bahay ni Lolo M (R-L: Clariss, mom, ate Angga (house caretaker) and Juan). See the pointed thing on the right- that’s the pinnacle of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral which we visited at our City Tour.

Nice garden and lovely Mynah bird (not in the picture)

Filipino Architecture

Large mirrors inside the house

Clean utensils and modern appliances

AC Rooms

Clean Bathroom

A FREE Tour inside the ala museum House of lolo Manit (it’s the other house with fan rooms). This house was constructed a very long time ago. Ate Angga told us that it was once the tallest building in Puerto Princesa. 

It was nice to climb up inside Lolo Manit’s House and see what’s written in my history books come alive! See my separate blog post, soon!

You see, Bahay ni Lolo Manit was so different from the other hotels, lodgings or pension houses in Puerto Princesa. But, as I’ve shared to the many who asked, it was more than a 5 star!

For inquiries, you can visit this LINK or call Ate Bats at this numbers: +639153520003 (globe) and +639073092680 (smart).
Tight budget? No worries, she’s very open to negotiations.


Marjorie Uy said...

Hello Clarise!! Nice blog and wow P2700 for 7pax affordable na! We'll bookmark this! Hugs!

Clarissa Tubeo said...

You're welcome ate Marj, have a safe travel!

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