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Fun living in the Metro by Space EDSA

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You looked into your phone and gazed...heavy traffic reported ahead traffic jam as per Waze. And as Philippine Star said, traffic situation is getting worse, Metro Manila may become "uninhabitable". 

That's the dilemma of all genre working in Metro Manila. You have to wake up two or even three hours early when going to work just to catch traffic and to be in time at your office or even meetings. But that is not the end of the story. Going home after whole day of working is another thing. Unfortunately, nowadays, “going home” means braving the rush hour and sitting for another 3 hours stuck in a traffic jam. 

When you spend most of your time doing work – whether it’s in school or the office, the best reward waiting for you at the end of the day is a space you can call home.

Luckily Major Homes' brilliant idea of a convenient and affordable living solution is to allow each Spacer to live near where they want to be. That is simply fun.

Yes you heard it right, it means longer time to relax, no need to wake up two to three hours :)

Built with the young, energetic and dynamic lifestyles of students and office workers in mind, Space EDSA is designed to help as much Filipinos to have the privilege to enjoy taking one ride or walk to work. 

Reception / Waiting Area
 This redefined dormitory living is located at 167 EDSA Mandaluyong City, at the third floor of Major Homes’ headquarters. At the moment, it has air-conditioned rooms for 4, 6, and 8 people priced at Php4,200/month for each bed. 

 Here are the snapshots;

Dormitory Hallway
8 Bedroom Space for ladies
Electronic access control lock for bedroom security
8 Bedroom Space for gentlemen
 Spacers can also enjoy the free use of common kitchenette, living and dining areas, free use of the gym 24/7, as well as electricity and water. 


Dining Area
Aside from these, anyone can easily develop a sense of community and family among its Spacers with comfortable areas that one can share and enjoy round the clock. Also, a common example of shared economy.

Angela Manese, General Manager of SPACE EDSA

“Ultimately, we want our Spacers to feel that they are living the life that they have always wanted to live,” adds Angela Manese, General Manager.

Quinto Oreta, President of Major Homes telling the tale of SPACE EDSA

“Here at Space EDSA, we understand the hassle of long and tiring commutes, especially after a whole day spent in school or the office. So, we want to provide Filipinos a space that they can call home but does not require them a time-consuming travel,” says Quinto Oreta, President.

So why endure metro traffic? when now you can Be a Spacer!

For inquiry about Space EDSA, visit

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Sunset at the Coast of Krabi, Thailand

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Other says, sunset gives us one day less to live.. but for me, it reminds us to pause and reflect, because every matter comes to an end. And watching sunset is one of the best way to end your year right.

And if we happened to be in the same boat, here's one of the Southeast Asian Countries has to offer.. Thailand also known as "the land of the free",coast of Krabi will be a delight for you.
Sunset at Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Jump shot before the sun truly sets down

Before 2015 year ends, from Malaysia, we decided to go to Thailand for some beach bumming. And from our hotel, Krabi City View, my sister booked us the Seven Islands Sunset Tour
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A Place Called Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island

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Been hearing this place many times, it is called Masasa Beach at Barrio San Juan,  Tingloy Island of Batangas...
Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island
Besides being one of the clear seawater we have near metro manila...
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Scuba Dive: Get Lost Down in the Deep

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Sometimes in life they say, "you'd better get up and get lost!"...

What I realize is that not everyday, you meet people that inspires you, however we choose them to stay and unlikely, some don't. But be mindful, God really knows when you needed vacation the most and He's kind enough to grant it just in time :)

Three weeks ago was my first time to go scuba diving. I'm fortunate enough to have uncles who willingly teach and pay bills for these. One is a mechanical engineer and the other is an electronics and communication engineer. Well, it's not to brag about their profession but to show that diving is not just a recreation but is also a skill - a  scientific and systematic way of having fun. Why? As what my uncle kept saying, "Diving is all about Physics!" But hey buddy don't get me wrong, you don't need to be an Engineer or excellent in science and mathematics to go Scuba diving, as simple as me and you can learn the basics, enjoy it and get lost down in the deep :)

So here are some basics of scuba (just sharing what they taught and a review of my school days)..
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Pueblo el Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove: En route to Cavinti Falls aka Pagsanjan Falls

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Many of us Filipinos knew about Pagsanjan falls in Laguna. Who didn’t? It’s one of the most famous and most visited waterfalls in the Philippines. It’s written in our history books, taught by our teachers in Sibika at Kultura, and even included in the many exams we took during grade school. But little do we know that the falls is actually located in the boundary of Cavinti. And in 2009, the town of Cavinti submitted a proposal to the legislative to rename it as Cavinti Falls.

Cavinti Falls, like many other tourist destinations, has a folklore too. Filipinos looove stories. The more mysterious, the more it becomes interesting.

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9 Picture-perfect Things you can do in Cavinti

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Click here, click there, selfie (self portrait) everywhere. People all over the world are non stop in sharing picture-perfect moments of the things they love to do, may it be their  latest travels, food, people, gadgets, pets, outfit, accessories, name it. I myself am guilty of that, and one thing I cannot miss not to share is the experience I recently had in Cavinti. 

Cavinti is a third class municipality in the province of Laguna. Approximately a hundred kilometers away from Manila, this soon to be one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country boast not only  its famous Underground River and Caves but you’ll be surprise of the many exciting activities and breath taking views any this humble province offers. And lucky me, I was able to try some of these during the 2-Day #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco Adventure Tour for bloggers/social influencer, initiated by Herald Bebis for the Municipality of Cavinti headed by Hon. Mayor Milbert Oliveros.
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