El Nido, Palawan:Lunch Buffet at Talisay Island

After unlocking the mysteries at the island of Matinloc, Kuya Ding {tour guide} seemed to hear our roaring tummies. So we sailed to Talisay Island, where the buffet was served.


“Our boat is coming! Give way!”

As we jumped off the boat, the first thought in my mind was,  “Hello, United Nation!”.

White men and women {mostly European} were everywhere. So… am I the foreigner here? Hahaha! They’re really attracted to Palawan, aren’t they? Well, who wouldn’t be?


So while we were busy photographing, some snorkeling others just resting {in their own found spot}, Kuya Ding and his compadres {the other boat men} took out the plates with really appetizing food. And one by one, people in our group were being magnetized closer and closer automatically! Wahaha! Here’s why:


Apple, orange, banana and mango!


Yum yum yum!


I love you Palawan!!!


Nom Nom Nom! Food were amazing, uber fresh!


See the view? You don’t need a television anymore!


A bird! made from Talisay leaf,which is abundant in Talisay Island that’s why it was called that way. Fantastic! {Kuya Ding, our macho and skilled tour guide, made this.}


Sight seeing while metabolizing

After our approx. 2-hour stay in Talisay sland, once again, separation anxiety mixed with excitement feeling coz we were heading to the next paradise!

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