El Nido, Palawan: Mysteries Unlocked in the Island of Matinloc


It was our 2nd day of Island hopping in El Nido, Palawan; new set of islands, new tour guide, new experience. Everyone’s really excited, me most especially. So we climbed up our boats, ready our cameras and chitchat with our newly meet foreign friends, while our boatmen drove us to the Island of Matinloc, our first stop.


As we arrived and docked our boat, we took out our cameras and snap as many pictures as we can. Well, can’t help it. The island was so mysterious, it made me think I’m a detective that needs to unlock all the hidden mysteries in it. And I was beginning to imagine myself wearing a detective coat when somebody called my name. It was my sister and we’re about to climb the peak of the Island.


It was one amazing but nerve wracking climbing experience. The rock formation was too spiky, our only option was be careful or get hurt. But boy, as we reached the top, it’s JACKPOT!


♩♪ I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation and the … ♩♪♫♬

It’s playing in my mind. And it didn’t stop until we reached the ground. The next thing I know was we’re already heading to the House. It’s creepy inside the house which used to be resided by the nuns.

The House





Broken doors, soiled flooring, messy ceiling, unorganized furniture, ruins, name it. Abandonment is the word that described it. Though I must commend the architectural designer for the strategic space planning and for using quality materials.



Kuya Ding, our smart and macho tour guide, explained to us that the house was abandoned because El Nido authorities found out that there were environmental laws violated during the construction. So, the people were asked to leave the island while the case is on the roll, up until now. At the back of my mind I was saying, Sayang (too bad), the place was well planned pa naman. Simply perfect and very sustainable to live in. The water surrounding the island is so good for diving. The structures were massive, like the ones in Greece. Perhaps if given a chance, I would looove to live there, definitely with my loved ones.


View from the House


Wild Pandan flower?!?


Provision for elevator

After getting enough photos, we went to the cave which is located beside the shrine. It’s like a mini museum or somehow an information center with lots of pictures on the wall, showing the history of the place.





It’s nice to read the history of the place, but the light passing through is limited. And I don’t understand, but the feeling is not so pretty I can’t stay in there for long. It’s like someone’s watching our every move. So I went out instead to have some time with the shrine.


Matinloc Shrine


Matinloc Shrine is located in the center of the island. It binds the surrounding structure in one. It’s honestly not the extraordinary type but I liked it being in the center. Perhaps the architect wants to emphasize the importance of putting God in the center of everything. Though I’m not a fan of carved statues coz for me they’re scary. Smile with tongue out

Other spots in the Island


Yes there were many other spots in the Matinloc Island which were really good for picture taking, but our tour guide advised us to go to our next destination, para makarami. So we took a few snaps and went straight to the Secret Beach.



Indeed, El Nido has a huge number of mysteries to be unlocked.

Next: Secret Beach!

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David B said...

Enjoyed reading your account of the "secret" story of the Mabandoned house and Matinloc shrine.

You can read my frank and honest account of our El Nido trip (with dozens of photos) here - http://goo.gl/6HyXU

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