9 Picture-perfect Things you can do in Cavinti

Click here, click there, selfie (self portrait) everywhere. People all over the world are non stop in sharing picture-perfect moments of the things they love to do, may it be their  latest travels, food, people, gadgets, pets, outfit, accessories, name it. I myself am guilty of that, and one thing I cannot miss not to share is the experience I recently had in Cavinti. 

Cavinti is a third class municipality in the province of Laguna. Approximately a hundred kilometers away from Manila, this soon to be one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country boast not only  its famous Underground River and Caves but you’ll be surprise of the many exciting activities and breath taking views any this humble province offers. And lucky me, I was able to try some of these during the 2-Day #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco Adventure Tour for bloggers/social influencer, initiated by Herald Bebis for the Municipality of Cavinti headed by Hon. Mayor Milbert Oliveros.
Now let me share you few picture-perfect things we experienced during the tour which you might also want to try when in Cavinti.
1. Breakfast and photo op at Bumbungan Eco Park

This was our first stop during the tour.  Here, we had a simple breakfast (puto dinuguan for the win) under picnic huts and took pictures of the place. The vicinity is made interesting by the overflowing water that look more like a dam or a mini waterfalls to any one who visits.

DSC03272Breakfast served: Hotdog, egg, rice plus puto dinuguan

1Bumbungan Eco Park (from the Cavinti Bridge) © Mike Laagan

2. Buy sambalilo (hat) at (Kalakal) Pandan Weaving Center.
Incorporating sambalilo in your ootd (outfit of the day) is a good idea isn’t it? And trust me, you’d better appreciate the product you buy once you see how it’s done.

DSC03284Me posing with the colorful hats and bags at Pandan Weaving Center

3. Trek down the Cavinti Falls aka Pagsanjan falls and take selfies along the Pueblo El Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove 

When in Cavinti, never miss to explore the exciting Cavinti falls formerly known as the Pagsanjan Falls/ Magdapio Falls. To reach the falls, you can either trek and rappel  or go for boating. If you want adventure or just to test your strength and perseverance, I suggest you go for the trekking and rappel. It took us more than an hour trek and numerous selfies along the way. 

DSC03331Group Shoeselfie

GOPR1664Rappelling down the Cavinti Falls

2Balsa ride going and passing through the falls © Mike Laagan

aGroupfie with Cavinti Falls as our backdrop

4Surviving Cavinti Falls © Azrael Coladilla

GOPR1622Inside the Devil’s Cave behind Cavinti Falls

After we conquered the challenging falls, we then climbed up back to Pueblo El Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic grove where delicious meals were served. And finally, headed to our next stop, Camarin Resort. 

4. Do the pang-cover photo pose at Camarin Resort. 

This is one of my favorite spots because of the calming feel the place offers. I just wish it wasn’t raining during the tour so I got more time to see the place.

5. Emote at Lumot Lake. 

If you want to mend a broken heart, boy this place is oh-so-perfect! You can just look at the lake that mirrors the sky, surrounded by trees, lushes and shrubs. And go home with a clear and renewed mind. Aside from this, fishing is also another activity that can be done at the lake.

3Lumot Lake, another man-made lake connected to Caliraya Lake by an underground penstock © Dennis Marco 

6. Go inside the Cavinti Church and its Bell Tower

Cavinti church also called Transfiguracion of our Lord Parish was built between 1621 to 1645 by franciscan missionaries. If you go  inside you will observe that the old architecture of the church has been well preserved and maintained up to now, which make the entire structure picture perfect.

GOPR1702 Ascending to the bell tower

7. Unleash the energy in you at the Caliraya Mountain lake Resort

Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort is a must visit place when in Cavinti. There are a lot of activities you can do here like boating, kayaking, zip line, mud slide, golf, swimming and more. You can also dine and stay overnight here as they offer huts and hotels.
DSC03447Mud slide

DSC03501Boating dock

DSC03519Paddle boat at the Caliraya lake

8. Learn to fish at Lago fishing village

If you want a good bonding time with your family or friends, you might want to relax or catch fishes at Lago fishing village. Newbies and anglers will surely enjoy here. They also offer room accommodations for families, couples or tent areas for travelers, backpackers or the like.

DSC03601Bloggers roaming around the fishing village

DSC03603Landscape at Lago Fishing Village

9. Dig in some history at the Japanese Garden

Japanese garden, our last tour destination, can be an ordinary garden on the outside, little do we know that it was actually a shrine created by Philippine-Japan Friendship Society in memory of the Japanese soldiers who died during an encounter between the Japanese and Filipino-American troops in the World War II.

DSC03621Japanese Garden

You see, there’s no limit of things you can do in Cavinti and I’m sure there are  more places yet to discover.
The #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour is a Tourism Advocacy Campaign to help generate online buzz for the upcoming Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition happening on February 8-14, 2015.

The event was fully supported by the Municipal Tourism Office, DigitalFilipino, Pelikula Padayon, Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort, Camarin Resort and Lago Fishing Village. To know more about Cavinti and the upcoming Water Sports Olympics, visit their website www.cavinti.gov.ph or check on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/cavintiecoadventuretour
You may also type in #CavEAT #exploringCavinti on Facebook or Instagram for updates regarding the recent Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour.

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