El Nido, Palawan: Small Lagoon, will I ever forget you?

While riding on a boat going to small lagoon, I silently spoke to Him above, “Lord, make this Palawan trip unforgettable.” It was just weird that I had to asked for it because Palawan obviously is no doubt a paradise. The islands, beaches, lagoons, people and food were so amazing you will forget your name instead. But why did I whispered those words? Even I don’t understand, but despite, God granted it immediately. 


Small lagoon was our first island to visit in our Tour A Island Hopping in El Nido. We were so excited as we approach the small lagoon. I can say by the standing ovation. So, to feed our cravings for water, the boat men/ tour guide told us {specially those who doesn’t know how to swim and those who’s motto is to be sure than sorry} to wear the life vest and we will proceed. Well, in my humble opinion, there’s no need for me to wear it, but mom insisted. And I had to obey.


Entry/exit point of the Small lagoon

As we enter the lagoon, I was struggling with the vest. It doesn’t help me practice my skill. And, I can’t enjoy the view. Grr! It just made my almost perfect scenario horrible. But, of course I had to overlook it for the sake of my love for the lagoon. Smile though your heart is aching. Disappointed smile


Mom, Joe, Cla, Van and Juan

I was getting impatient more and more, so I told mom, “Please, let me take it off.”. And, she let me. Finally, freedom from the vest {bondage}. Hahaha!

I was in my moment when Kuya Ed {our friend} told me, “Parang may pumasok atang tubig”. He was referring to our cellphones inside the sealed plastic pouch {submersible in water}. I looked at it closely and voila, water got in and killed our beloved phones. I wasn’t worried honestly because mom said it will be okay {see what happened to our phones, here.}


Hello! –from the human race to the creatures below


another small creature spotted

As we let what happened passed through {for the mean time}, we found ourselves playing with the water, swimming with a bunch of foreigners and smiling as if it was the best moment in our whole existence. But boy, it was one hard swimming {floating} if you want to wear no vest. It was tiring yes, but oh so worth it.

We {our group} also entered into a small cave with approximately 15-20 feet deep. The water was way colder in there compared outside. Perhaps, because of the ample light coming from the sky light. Or maybe there are cold blooded creepy creatures sleeping underneath. Wah! Of course we cant see it because the water was blurry below and we didn’t dared to be too curious.


Me entering the da-ahark cave! eeeh!


inside the cave photo op


hole that served as the skylight

After the cold summer inside the creepy cave, Anton {our guide} told us to proceed to our next destination, the Big Lagoon. We wanted to stay and swim more yet we wanted to see what’s next. So thank you for the experience and buh-bye for now.

Suddenly, the thought of our cellphones murdered by the salt water got back.

Now, tell me? How will I ever forget you, small lagoon? waaah!

Lesson learned: Be careful what you wish for, ‘coz you just might get it.

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