A Place Called Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island

Been hearing this place many times, it is called Masasa Beach at Barrio San Juan,  Tingloy Island of Batangas...
Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island
Besides being one of the clear seawater we have near metro manila...

It is also budget-friendly, there is no entrance or registration fee. Plus transportation time is just an hour and a half from Mabini Port, Batangas.

Our boat going to Tingloy Island
Arrival at Tingloy
10 minute walk to the beach
Sand is white but not very fine

The place is a diver's sanctuary at Southwest coast of Batangas near isla verde. And from there, you can view mountains of Mindoro island.

Amazed at the panoramic scene Tingloy offers

Wandering at the Rock Formation

Sedimentary Rock Formation
Rock Bedding Planes

Posed at the Rock
Learn fishing

The place is undeniably unforgettable when the thing you love most is to commune with nature and God's everlasting creativity...


" From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea"... 
"You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name"...
"You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same"..
Indescribable, uncontainable..none can fathom  

How to get there:

From Metro Manila, go to Batangas Anilao Port (usually 2-3 hours depending on traffic situation)
Ride a boat at Mabini multi purpose port a.k.a. Anilao port  going to Tingloy(6am-10am only) - 65 pesos/pax
At Tingloy port, ride a tricycle to Masasa Beach(about 20 minutes) - 30 pesos/pax
From there, walk to the beach...

"The Best things in Life are the people we Love, the Places we've been and the Memories we've made along the way.. "

 Until then,. :)

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