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So you want to go shopping since payday is in the air. One of the most convenient mall in the metro now is  Market Market. Yes you heard it twice...
Another property owned by Ayala Corporation. Actually It was impressing how the location was chosen. Because some of us living nearby Taguig and Makati can easily go here. Believe it, even if you're not living in the metro, and you only know Edsa, Ayala, in a couple of minutes you'll be at market market.

There are variety of things you can do in here beside shopping. If you are into sport, The 5th floor level is where you will drag your buddy for a nice bungee jumping or indoor rock climbing. Outdoor shops are also in the corners whenever you need a pair of snickers or just a shirt. Don't worry if you have kids on your side because there's also a playing space for them at 5th and ground floor. They'll surely enjoy it.

 You might also wanted to laid back,watch movies while waiting or enjoy playing games and sing your favorite songs at videoke booth. If you're into gadgets and technologies, 4th floor offers hubs to visit. And as what the name implies, you can shop for your foods in lower ground market :-)

Give yourself a break, weather you want a french cuisine, italian food or just simply local foods, you can drop by at 2nd and 4th(food court) floor level of the mall or if you love outside dining, you may prefer "fiesta market" which offers unlimited options. You may also need to spice up, on the side facing the serendra(housing) is where you could toast for a drink.

So here's simple guide on how to go to market market..
So, what are you waiting for,.see yah :-)



Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I have only been to Market Market once, and I remember how sad I was not having enough cash to buy all the stuff I liked! Haha! Wish there's an easier way to get there from our house in Malate.

van said...

hi there! yes you're right, there are so many stuff in there :-) By the way, from Malate, you could go to LRT (Light Rail Transit) just along Taft Avenue (Pedro gil Station or Quirino Station). Ride the LRT going to Edsa station(last station). Then go directly into MRT (Metro Rail Transit) and off to Ayala Station. From there, you could just walk to the near Petron gas station and ask the Jeepney going to MArket market. I think that would just cost you around 35-45 pesos. But you could also choose to ride taxi at your convenience. I hope this will help you somehow :-)

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