Have Fun and Travel with Roomorama

Who never wanted to travel? The answer, none! Yes, after all, who never wants to have a break from tough days of work? Indeed, no one.

I remember just recently, one of my bosses, a Chinese national asked me “I saw you riding in that vehicle, I wanted to try to ride it together with you too." So I smiled and said “sure”. 
A local transportation in the Phil. called "tricycle" meaning three-wheel vehicle
And that’s when I realized that living like locals bring foreigners a lot of joy!
Funny eh, but you’ll never know that a local experience is the very thing you'll want when you're out there somewhere on another part of the globe.

 Another Hong kong national commented that she couldn't sleep in a hotel because of the staid ambiance when she visited. She simply didn't feel at home. 

 So I thought, what's the ideal way to travel? We always wanted to make the most of everything. We wanted our stay to be worthwhile. When I come upon Roomorama, an online market place for affordable and authentic short-term rentals, it seemed like the perfect answer. Here you can make shout-outs for any accommodation you want, and hosts worldwide are willing to assist quickly and make necessary arrangements for your stay. Roomorama is present in 289 global destinations, and has been vouched for by thousands of seasoned travelers. You can be assured that your money is safe with them because they keep everything secure for their customers. The thought of losing big amounts of money with sites not as secure could cause a heart attack. Well, most of us would agree to that, for sure.

Perhaps, before we travel, we could always check out Roomorama first and see what's on offer.
Travel should be convenient, memorable and most of all, fun, and so here's my friendly advice fellas, check it out now :-)



Cla said...

Ive heard about Roomorama once, perhaps I could try it when I got to visit Singapore and other countries Roomorama covers, next time, soon! :)

myrna said...

i have to check it out!!!!!! :)

van said...

Yep! you're right guys! I'm glad you enjoyed it =)

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