The Giant Wind Turbines at Bangui, Ilocos Norte

What if one morning, when you open your eyes, this is the first sight that awakened you..

What an eye opener right?

This scene really made me stand in awe. And I can’t even believe that there is such beauty… It’s like asking myself, Am I in heaven?

Ladies and gentlemen, would like to present to you, the Giant Wind Turbines of Northern Philippines a.k.a Bangui Windmills

Want to know The History?

Before, it is 15 windmills but as I counted it, there are 19 windmills, if I counted it right but nah, Wikipedia says there were 20 units of 70-meter high wind turbines (ground level to the center of the nacelle), while each blade has a length of 41 meters, giving a rotor diameter of 82 meters and a windswept area of 5,821 sq.m., arranged on a single row along a nine-kilometer Bangui Bay, each spaced at approximately 326 meters apart facing the South China Sea.

Whoa, imagine that sizes?

 Plus, being the first wind farm in the Philippines as well as the largest wind power project in the Southeast Asia, giving an installed capacity of 1.65-MW wind turbine generator per tower.

And let’s not forget to give credit to North Wind Power Dev’t Corp. who showed effort to develop our own energy sources (renewable energy sources) and prevent dependence on imported oil, increasing the use of alternative fuels for energy efficiency and conservation programs.

See how it helps local people living there. Their power expense was being trimmed down by 7 % :-)
How I do wish project (wind power production) such as this would increase.

Enough with the history, of course we wanted so much you yourself to experience this magnificent beauty.

So, How Can You Get There? Easy, just follow this:

1.      1.  If you are coming from Manila, You can get ticket from bus stations going to Laoag, Ilocos Norte

            Recommended: Partas Bus Liner or Florida Bus Liner (has toilets inside)
 Amount : approximately Php 700+  
            Day we travel: NewYear Season (December 31,2011), 
                                  (That's from Candon,Ilocos Sur to Laoag,Ilocos Norte)
            Our Itinerary:   Cubao,Manila - Candon,Ilocos Sur (bus:6-7hrs.)
                                   Candon,Ilocos Sur – Laoag,Ilocos Norte (bus:4hrs.)

2.      2.  From Laoag Station going to Bangui Wind Farm

            Amount: approximately Php 100
            Our Itinerary:  Laoag,Ilocos Norte – Laoag-Bangui Jeep Terminal (tricycle:approx.5mins.)
                                  Laoag-Bangui Jeep Terminal – Bangui Windmills (Jeep:approx.1hr and
                                 30mins.Fare: Php 60)
Note: from the road where the jeep dropped us,you can already see the  blades of
         the windmills, it's still 1.5 km ahead, but we just decided to walk rather than
         to rent a cab and it took us more or less 20mins. including taking photos
         and it's really worthwhile!

Believe with your own eyes, Enjoy!  :-)

Next Destination: White Rock Formation at Burgos,Ilocos Norte (approx.20 mins. from Bangui Windmill)

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