Gecko Mania Worth Million Bucks

Why did suddenly geckos became mania here in the Philippines? Everyone is talking about them and Filipinos were all hunting them down. Even at my workplace, someone is asking another if they have gecko weighing 300grams-above and they will buy it. Others said they have many in Guimaras, an island in their province and some in Batangas. Well,  Southeast Asian countries do cater a lot of them. Even if televisions have broadcast in the country that gecko hunting is illegal. Authorities and Philippine Wildlife Act prohibits collection of geckos, still catching of this species is rampant. But what makes Filipinos frenzy about it?

10 years ago, you and I were just like any other kids who love outdoor camping so much.One time, we camped at Upper mau, Subic, a military base in Olongapo, Philippines.Night time came and I was about to fall asleep when I heard a very loud sound "tuk-ko", to my amazement, a big lizard clings to the ceiling. That was the first time I saw the one they called tokay gecko.

I never imagined it would cost million bucks today. Be it a hoax or not, they say that it can cure Cancer & AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Yet, we don't have a clear answer to it until now. So, if you're still interested. Try browsing the net and here are the list to get you started:


myrna said...

hehehe... watch out for your gecko!!! :)

van said...

Most likely if I have one =)

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