July 21, 2011

Parental Love from a Male Betta

We saw some bubble nest on top of our aquarium tank. But before that, about a month ago, my brother bought two fighting fishes also known as bettas. Its color is somewhat metallic blue, have long and thin body, and displays brilliant tails. He said that fighting fish cannot live together that’s why he put them in a small aquarium with a glass that separates the two. Since betta means warrior and displays aggressive protective behavior when combined with other fighting fish… But you know what interesting thing I found out after those bubbles appeared?...

First is that fighting fish can live together in the right time. Yes, breeders know that. And my brother learned about that too. About the bubbles, yes again you’re right, the bubbles hold the eggs from the females. And what’s the best thing I am most amazed of? When I sat down and observed how the male guards the nest until the eggs hatched. Not only that, but the male also carry the eggs in his mouth and placed back each in the bubbles. That’s the very thing why fighting fishes claimed being mouth brooders. The male continue to takes the young in his mouth until they can swim and learned to live in their habitat. Male’s commitment of keeping the young from falling out is no more of a joke. He has to keep up with them, no matter what. And our parents love that idea.

After three days, we saw tiny black dots with tiny tails. I supposed they are the eggs that hatched already. The cute thing is they wiggle and swim freely. That’s when the male’s duty is finish. And my brother had to take him out and he had to keep away the two bettas again. Whew, a true parental love indeed.

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