Have you ever felt like Levitating?

"What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?"

Have you ever felt like this?
Let’s just say that many think it’s a wonderful feeling that’s why people were so eager to levitate.

First let’s define levitate. Mr. Google says, it’s the condition to rise or float in or as if in the air especially in seeming defiance of gravitation. Whoa, it’s definitely defying gravity! It makes me wonder. Do animals levitate too?  My curiosity ends in a single click of a mouse. Yes, a little trivia won't harm. Scientist use sounds to lift small insects and of course if you may ask me, funny to think if they will  try lifting an elephant? Another thing, how does a magician levitate? Well, let's just leave it to google.

As for me, levitating must be the result of extreme feeling. Those feelings maybe being overjoyed, sorrowful, super nervous, or extreme hatred that we almost loosed control of our physical body and we tend to negate the law of nature.

One moment when I almost losses my breath and felt like Casper is when I saw my mother’s eyes staring blankly at me while I hold her hands in the midst of fighting the current of mighty waterfalls. I stood still the moment my mother let go of my hand. In just a snap of a finger, I feel like being one with the wind, trees, sky and birds. And I realized our capability to escape reality when I was so afraid that I could loose my mom that very moment. You can almost feel that your heart stops beating and the echoing sounds surrounding you had gone. Just like the world suddenly stopped around you.

I came back to my senses when a friend taps me on my back. And we prayed. Thank God, a few minutes later, they found my mother’s body though pierced but alive. 

*this is an official entry to LEVY's contest*
So my no.1 answer to the question above is “when you realize that the most important person in your life will be moving somewhere far away and you cannot do anything about it.” That’s the time when you loosed control of everything and feel like levitating.

Honestly, I rarely feel that way, but nature had her own ways to knock you off. That time, I felt that my spirit actually left my body, very real indeed.

Another situation that makes me levitate, more than the saying “there’s a butterfly in my stomach” is when we went to Enchanted Kingdom and rode the flying fiesta. Yes, that's my no.2 answer. The moment that takes my breath away,..and made me feel like levitating!

So, how about you? Have you ever felt like levitating? Share us some... =) cheers!


Cla said...

awesome! been in Enchanted too, actually with u! hahaha

van said...

haha! Thanks Cla! mwah

Lady Lyn said...

Van...this is AWESOME. So, levitating is the term for that...now I know:). Thanks for sharing the info, and I found this article really interesting plus I can't imagine the way you imagine things, totally UNIQUE.

Thumbs UP!

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