Nostalgic Wall of Intramuros

It was in my college days that I used to come to this place. And it's only a ride away. Here, I found a nest out of the crowded city. As I feel the need for me to be away to the busy streets of Quiapo(where I board), It was located at the very heart of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, that’s why even right after my classes
 near Malacanang(President’s residence), I would go straight here to find my serenity.

Actually this place is one heck of a History. It’s the memorial of the country’s courage and unity. That’s the reason also, why the place is always visited by foreigners and considered as one of the tourist spot widely visited in the country.

Not only because Intramuros was turned into an amusement park and cultural venue of country’s largest exhibit but here, at the center of the busy city lies the big pasture which is actually a golf course. But because in its every corner symbolizes nostalgic Spanish legacy.

Did you know that “Intramuros” in Spanish means “within the walls”. What does it imply then, let’s go back in 1571, the fortified wall were really meant to protect the seat of Spanish government from foreign invasions and also in World War II, Japanese used the place as garrison & prison.

 Even though many years have passed, it never ceased to gives me goose bumps to look at every dungeons hidden on the wall, the tingy feeling of old memoirs you’ve only read from your history books can actually be real at any moment. And that's the very thing that makes me come back anytime.
 That Intramuros wall indeed is the perfect example of how our race continued to strive and will continue to chain the linkage that time always tried to unbind.


Cla said...

great info! i remember the story of Nehemiah :)

Cla said...
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van said...

,..hehe,.ako din,.how Nehemiah with God's blessing, built the wall :-)

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