Vigan,The Remnant

It was in the year of 1521 to 1898 when the Philippines was colonized by  Spanish.
And the only Heritage Town that our ancestral left was then called “Vigan” which was located in Ilocos Sur.

Come, let’s have a quick tour of how it looks like those times..

Let me introduce you to our guide, the famous “Calesa”, 
one mode of transportation used only by rich Filipinos, Chinese merchants and Spaniards 
during colonial trading.

Look, we will have a ride from today back to one of  the oldest pre-colonial town.

Here,.we can see clearly that the town still possesses a sense of traditional atmosphere as the houses were built by stone, bricks and wooden materials. Also, it is noticeable that the window panels are made of capiz or shells, One distinct feature that showcased the 16th century architecture in the Philippines.

Even foreigners today are in awe of how well-preserved is the place. As a matter of fact, it is included the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thank you to our heroes such as Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo,Gen. Tinio, and Father Kleikamp for saving Vigan from invasive destruction and for doing a great job.It is really fascinating how the town survived the test of time. And truly, it's like reminiscing the past.

Today, there are ornaments and crops being sold in the area. A lot of souvenir shops can also be seen around. Many tourist love the place and thus making Filipinos proud.

Wait, Just when you arrive and left Vigan,.One thing that the Spaniards brought is its share of religious view. That's what you will see at the heart of the Vigan City.
 There stood Vigan Cathedral also known as St. Paul's Church

Such a priceless heritage :)

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