Great Joy Ride

          I can still remember when I sat inside the cinema with my "petit ami" . It's the first time we watch movie together, and guess what we watched, it's Transformer. Actually my chum doesn't want that much to watch cinema, but to my amazement, He was so enthusiastic as I was. And that is all because we fell in love at the first sight to
 "Bumblebee" - the yellowish bug, autobot car
owned by Shia Saide LaBeouf a.k.a Sam Witwicky that can transform it's old beetle self into a perfect friend indeed.
          Imagine this, while inside the movie house, both of us can't even blink our eye on this sleek 2009 CHEVROLET CAMARO. Since then, I dreamt of having one Bumblebee. As a matter of fact, when the two of us went at Mall of Asia, we saw again our fave ride, the Fifth Generation Chevrolet Camaro with its newest 2011 evolutionary changes. Not to mention V6 engine at 278 lb-ft of torque at 5100 rpm and 312 HP at 6500 RPM. Whew, I can't hardly wait to go near this little fella and experience to touch a real camaro. How I wish it's a real autobot who simply asks "permission to speak, sir?".

Someday, maybe if ever Bumblebee knocks on my door, without a doubt, I will surely take the Great Joy Ride of my life with him and of course with my "petit ami" ;)

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strawberry Princess said...

what a way to discribe your girl. nice nick name.

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