..I just Love this place and cant get over it.,

you could go riding your own vehicle or simply sail using bangka into the waves =)

Well,were so excited about the place that even as early as the dawn,.we set our feet on water..

And voila,look what we found out..

My mother said its colorless and therefore not harmful,.yes and they even look harmless in close-up.It is called jellyfish eventhough its not actually a fish :)

Another one that caught our attention are those sea stars.The sky is not the only place where we can see stars,.how i marvel at Gods creation,that as high as the sky,He never forgot to look down even in the deepest ocean (so amazing).And these sea animals use sea water instead of blood to pump life throughout their bodies.

This one is the largest I've seen in the group,.

Look!This is so funny =) Whose different among them???

What else do we have here???

A small crab,i called it "Crablet",is that what were going to eat during lunch time?

And hey,.They found another menu..

Hahaha,.when i saw that thing,round and sharp something,.i remembered my chidhood days with my sister.We were hurt with that same thing and oh how we cried because it was so painful,.and the funny thing is that they told us to pee on the affected areas and we did =)

My Grandmother called Those things "Puwaki" in Visaya and "Salungo" in Tagalog.But widely it is known as "Sea Urchins." It is often eaten in raw but it can also be cuisine in other part of the world.

And now,.taking back to our camp,.were settled and ready for some rest in the tent,.Am sOoo happy we have one

TiLL next time! Godbless Us :)

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