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“Whew, it is getting hotter and hotter every day”, most of us claimed it to be. The fact is our rising global temperature is one of the catastrophic impacts of climate change. It is also one of the environmental challenges that our world is facing today. Good news is, there are still places that create our sustainable future and one of them is the Nuvali community, a 1,700 hectares of land that provides our need to protect, preserve, and conserve our Earth.

As Ayala Land celebrates its 175 years of urban development, another ground breaking creation has emerged its way. It is the Evoliving Center located at the very heart of Nuvali Community.

You can go here either by Nuvali buses, which are Euro III compliant, expending less CO2 emissions than regular buses do or by Nuvali taxi boat that travels through 60,000 sqm lake, which primarily eliminates road traffic. Also, the lake and wetlands system located south of the lake, is a rainwater harvesting/detention facility. The wetlands serve as a filter for the 4 hectare lake and a catchment system for rain surface runoff.

The evoliving center caters the use of the country’s renewable resources. It is powered by free energy sources from the sun and wind. It shows how the concept of passive cooling helped a lot. It also exhibits green roof that reduces pollution and electricity cost.
In here, Nuvali gives priority in protecting our home. Nuvali enhance the quality of life and let us experience wide open space, lake, fresh air, natural ravines and a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, Nuvali taught well on how each of us can help our Earth be a sustainable planet to live in.

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