Ant Everywhere

We have another social pet here,..
but not actually related to cokey,bong2&imee(love birds)..
more closely to "katie" the caterpillar i think..
it's because they are both insects.

They live in colony and are classified in classes.
There are workers,.soldiers and even queen.
They are indeed good builder and even provider.
As a matter of fact,
They always serve as an example of hard work.

They have these long thin antennae that can smell scents.
And it always amazed me that no matter what happen, 
"they make ways to find the best route for everybody and just stay connected".

On the other side,.they are very invasive and brought painful bite especially to us,human.
Small but terrible others may say.
They also have these super powers you know?
They can occupy large areas, and can even exploits properties.
Why do I say super power,..
simply because "an ant maybe a millimeter in size but can carry far larger than its size". :)

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