Flowers of the Southeast

Human nature is so much capable of drowning itself to a whirlwind of confusion,.
I myself cannot escape to this reality...
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Every moment i have to seek happiness to warm my little heart inside
And that's why i come up with this ...

To remind myself that even in solitude, Life has more beauty to offer...

This one is my favorite color,.
We saw this in tagaytay
Common Name: Jade vine
Botanical Name: Strongylodon macrobotrys
local name "tayabak"
Its color is from blue-green to mint green

This is from my mother's office,.
Bougainvillea glabra a.k.a. "paper flower"
because the leaves are thin and papery.

And this one also,.researches suggested the milky sap
is known to possess antibacterial and
possibly anticancer possibly properties.

Botanical Name: Allamanda
local name: yellow bell,golden trumpet,buttercup flower

Here,Euphorbia are grown as garden plants

These next flowers are most fragrant at night
Botanical Name: Plumeria Rubra
local name: kalachuchi

I've taken this photos while in Quezon Province this summer..
These flowers resemble moths in flight.
Others say,if kept in the home, the blooms may last two to three months.

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis
local name: Moth Orchid

Here is a scarlet red flower in a globe shape on a stalk.
I've found it while roaming at the school province

Latin Name: Scadoxus multiflorus 'katherinae'
Common Name: Blood Lily, Catherine wheel

Another one,in Quezon..
Here it is used by children as a bubble for their playtime ,
but in other country it is used as a vegetable and ingredient in herbal teas.
Botanical Name: Hibiscus
local name: gumamela

After a while, when we're on our way home back to manila, it rained..
Its fuller reaches underneath the hammer!
And look at these small beauty that lies on our ground,.it just made me sigh,..and smile =)

Catharanthus roseus
Pink periwinkle

Thanks for viewing,.more to come...
"The main aim is to beat the madness in my soul mind,
and let tranquility to surmount"-iamvan


Janz said...

I love these flower photos of yours!!! great blog!

van said...

Thank you so much janz! I like to post more of this kind,.i just dont know the names of it all.. =) thanks again

tarragonlady said...

wow galing galing naman pwede na!

van said...

thanks thanks! magpost ka na ng tungkol sa mga tea mo para i-recommend ko,.ok ? mwah

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