Inside the Minds of Birds

I was inspired by another blog about  Cokey the parakeet 
that's why i decided to post mine as well.
Actually these photos were taken(though not that good) a couple of months ago 
as i've been watching my brother's pet.

Let me introduce to you to Bong-bong (the one with blue stripe) 
and to Imee(the yellow bird).
They are named after the late Philippine Pres.Marcos' offspring.
Let's ear drop at what their saying...
Imee : "Bong,Look! someones staring at us! eh..."

Bong2 : Who?..Where?,.

Bong2 : "Are you throwing joke on me Imee eh?" 

Look at Imee's face,.she grins as if she was so happy for making  joke on his mate.
That is so funny. Lovebirds are known to be socialites animals,that is why.

Bong2 : "I think this woman is making fun of me,..*sigh"
Bong2 : "hmf i don't care,.or whatsoever.."

Bong2 : "I am preoccupied with eating and then you will disturb me eh,.
you're always making fun of me :'(   

Haha,.poor bong bong..
look at his face! :)
While Imee's still laughing
Imee : "Hahaha,..Look bong!there she goes again eh!Smile!(",)
Bong2: "Hmmm,.i will never talk to you.i'll just eat" *snob

So,thats how it goes,.*Lol
Coming Soon..."Imee &her Special Somebird"


Janz said...

Oh my! These are very cute birds!!! I'm glad I was able to inspire you with Cokey! take care!

beanizer_05 said...

wow!! now you got cute swans there!!
and they got their love story!! hehehehe..
can i play with them too??
*whispering* 'coz that Cokey is soooooo stubborn!! he bit*sniff sniff*

is bong2 not that suplado?..i'll get imee if that bong2 won't play with me!!

Janz said...

Oh Beany Beany... they're not swans... hahaha! and Cokey is not stubborn!!! you were harsh on him thats why... LOL

van said...

LoL, janz,who do you thing is more stubborn,is it cokey or beany?,..hahahah...thanks.
i hope cokey could visit them :)

at beany,they're not actually swans..and i think bong2 is just emo while imee loves to why dont you give them some popcorns? :)

van said...

sorry,.its do you think... :)

Ryan said...

Swans? They're not swans.

Anyone can see that they are pigeons with make up on, heading down the club.

van said...

hi welcome ryan! :) hahaha,sorry to disappoint you but it's not pigeons,they are love birds...but anyway thanks for loving them..they need it badly :)

Janz said...

LOL... who is more stubborn?!? hahahaha!
I hope so too... Cokey needs friends. He's alone in his cage. poor Cokey...

LOL... first it was Beany's swans, then Ryan's pigeons... what's next? penguins? LOL

van said...

You're right janz :)

Now,i am confused,hahahaha.bong2&Imelda should have a make over then.

Bong2&Imelda should also visit cokey for sometime :)

Didz-W said...

Hey! wow! both are so cute!! especially the yellow ones, Imee!! :D and those pictures are great too! ;)

van said...

hi Didz!
thanks for liking them :)
can they play with erin?,.
what do you think??? :)

beanizer_05 said...

speaking of penguins...
pengwee didz!! you're there!!

hmmmm.. COkey is most stubborn!
beanie most behaved!!

van said...

beany beany,if you're the most behaved...
then how about our pets???? Lol,.

Jill Wellington said...

I want a colorful bird like you and Janz!! Not sure Beanie should be around any pets. First he needs to learn to wear pants and keep them on his butt! ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

hi ms.jill,.welcome here,'re so right about beanie,.hahaha,..dont worry ms.jill you will have colorful birds too,..soon :)

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