7 Things You Dont Know About Me

A few weeks ago, Ive received my first ever award here in bloggers,..

 Since it's my first,.of course,. I am overwhelmed :)
 Thus,.my deepest gratitude to my ever dearest friend here,...
 who in just a short time,. i considered as my sister. She 's no other than,..
Tan-tararan  "JANZ"   Who is indeed an artist. 
She features places and photos in her blog that inspires her. 
A very honest woman living in her colorful world.
A friend who never stops inspiring me as well :) 
Thank YOu!!!

So I guess its my turn to share to you 7 things you definitely not know about me. 
Come And Enjoy...

I.    I can't live without ICE!!! I mean i love to drink cold beverages,
      i cant let the day pass without drinking cold water...
      even when i was still a kid :)

II.   I get my strength from my favorite book...
       It's the Bible i bought  in a Book Sale.
      "The book of Commitment and Truth"

III.  One of the "Love of my Life" is....
        Yeah,.i love playing this thing until i slumber in the night.
        Next thing I would love to learn is piano. 

IV.   Another thing i Love beside Music is Art
        I'm a frustrated artist,.here's an example...
        See,.i am really frustrated,.hahaha

V.    I don't like to eat vegetables especially beans and "malunggay"
       But i'm trying hard to digest vegetables now and i am learning a bit :)

VI.   I am an introvert. I hardly go outside our house when i was a kid. 
        Here's the funny replay when i was younger ,..
        my grandfather told me that one of our neighbor
        accidentally throw a ball in our backyard,.as he was watching me, staring 
        and standing at the gate i am so afraid to move and go outside,.
        he said im ridiculous and scared of humans,..hahaha..
        But i got to conquer it now since i am no getting younger anymore,. 

VII.  The scariest idea for me is to live alone in a dark room 
        and to grow older without no one...
       Truly,. "No one is an Island"..

Therefore since all of us we're living in he same boat,.
I would love to dedicate this to my fellow bloggers here...



Janz said...

OH MY GOSH!!! we have things in common! We are sisters indeed!!! Thanks for mentioning me and for your complements! hahaha! I am a music lover and a frustrated artist too! I was actually thinking of posting some of my drawings but I'm still thinking about it, I'm a little bit embarrassed hahahah! anyway, you have to teach me how to play the guitar! I don't know how to play it and I've been wanting to learn so much! teach me teach! PWEEEZZEEE??? hahaha! take care sistah! talk to you soon!

van said...

hi JAnZzzz,..eheehee,..yeah sure! what are sisters are for!!!,.come on let's play guitar and sing together as well,.hahaha..let's jam! :) and about your drawings,.oh c'mon pls.post it,.we'll be waiting for that!! yipeeee... here's my huge hug **mwah*

beanizer_05 said...

what's his name?? *pointing at the guitar*
i got one too..almost the same color..i'll feature him in my page soon..
huh! janjan doesn't know how to play guitar!weeeeeeeee!!! well, i have keyboards too but still finding time to learn the chords.
Your number 2, TRUE LOVE WAITS??--you sure he's still waiting..or YOU'RE STILL PATIENTLY WAITING???
What's my name doing there? Should i claim it? You place me in my fave number!!
*looking at janjan*...7 things..did that janjan tag me too?? hmmm...*murmuring* i pretend i don't know..nanannana

Didz-W said...

oh my! i'm so sorry i haven't found this post earlier :( my bad! Hey, I'll second u on your #1 thing: I love to take cold drinks too!
I thought I did my 7 things already. *Thinking hard*
Oh nevermind, for your sake, I'll do a recap on that. Hehe. and 7 is my fav number ;)

van said...

@ beany : hehe,.were both..yep yep,.janZzz tag you too..,i havent given the guitar a name,.so could you give any?,.hihi,thanks beany.. mwah

@didz : it's ok,dont worry..im sorry got busy too,but i'll drop at any cost,.weehhh,let's drink some cold...you takcre :) uhmwah.

beanizer_05 said...

hmmm..you didn't answer!..that waiting waiting..
*wondering*..is it true?

no..she didn't tag me..she didn't..she's in the Eat Coat..Eat Coat *trying to say clearly* Eeeeeat..Coooat!! hmp!

sarah said...

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