In Love with Pets

These past days,.i've given the opportunity to get closer to fellow bloggers due to their blogs.
And i notice that each one  had common interest, that is having pets to care for.
No matter what it is, they are something that touched our heart,
And reminds us that we ought to love and be loved.

So,i decided to follow up and feature pets that we have long forgotten and we once cared for. .

I found one of my favorite,.yeah it's one of my type..
And its here,look

Ok,we'll take a closer look...
Still, can't find it???

Ok, i understand. We need to have much closer look to this cutie cutie hairy cat...

See!,.yes it's a butterfly,.well at least. 
Yeah,i mean a caterpillar.
As you can see our little fella is a herbivore.
So you wont have a problem feeding her.
You will just have to be careful with her spiny long fine hairs,
unless you wanted to have an itchy feelings on your skin.

But then,i am more amazed at their life-cycle.The very amazing metamorphosis.
How once caterpillar can be transformed into a beautiful butterfly :)
That made me sing "spread your wings and fly,"

 Whoa, but this one is still a baby and she does not have her wings yet..
But someday,.i believe,.i'll be able to marvel at your beauty in my dream garden :)

This i wanted to dedicate to Erin,Amazing Bix,Cokey and even to Quad(may he rest in peace)..


Janz said...

ooh caterpillar!!! thanks for including my Cokey here! luv yah vanvan!!!

Janz said...

oh wait... baby beany is going to get jealous! luv yah too baby beany!!! just dont kill the poor parakeet!

van said...

hi janz!!! thankyou so much for liking it,haha.
Lav yah too.,and Oh yeah,let's give baby beany a super hug!!! uhmmmwah,.seems like he didnt take a bath yet..luvu din beany beany :)

beanizer_05 said...

wow! that snail will soon be lil birdie, right vanvan??..what's its name?? is that snail a she or he?..*thinking*

Bix is jumping and twisting..and whispering to hug Cokey again *searching Cokey* didn't dedicate this post for imee&bong..

Anonymous said...

beany,.you're there..
**big hug**
oh,.the one up there is a caterpillar and soon will be a butterfly,.the one that you're catching in your lawn..ahm,let's name her "katie" the caterpillar :)

Ah,you're with amazing bix eh,.yep,sadly,i have a bad news about bong2&imee,.i'll post about it,..

Didz-W said...

Hey, sorry i found this a lil late! =( wow, that's one hairy but pretty i hope pengwee won't find katie to chase again...

that's really sweet of u to dedicate to erin and quad..sob..sob! thanks dear! ;)

Anonymous said...

didz,..youre there!!! haha,..right pengwee loves to chase butterflies eh,..but pls.tell pengwee,.do not chase katie,.shes still young..

sure didz,..ur welcome..thanks to you too :)
take care didz,.we lab yah too,.mwahhh

Jill Wellington said...

Love your photography. Pictures make me happy. WARNING: Don't let Beanie near your pet...he might squish it!

Anonymous said...

ahehehe,..thank you ms. jill.i appreciate that :)

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