My handy Notebook

Just this April 2011,. I got so excited to explore my newly issued notebook from my new company. At first it was handed to me by our I.T. personnel, and to my disappointment it’s not the one I’ve been dreaming of. But later unto my satisfaction, I never knew, this little guy will mean a lot to me.

It’s a new ultra-portable notebook from Lenovo ThinkPad, Model X201, one of the X-series
in their tablet. Since my job as a site engineer requires me to be always on the go, this notebook comes very handy with its 12 inches length and almost weightless body. Though I do not like much the screen size & feature because of its oldies color which is really warm into my eye, and additional to that is the loose battery fitting. Not to mention,. no DVD drive! 

But overall, I’m still satisfied with its performance which I want to highlight:
  1. Size and weight: 3.95 lbs. (11.6x10.1x1.04-1.31”)
  2. Wi-fi ready
  3. Security features (always protected)
  4.  Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB
  5.   Processor : Intel Core i5 (CPU:2.67 GHz) 
  6. Operating System : Windows 7
  7.  Power : 8 celled battery (with battery stretch)
So, here's my two thumbs up for you great pal! Good job Lenovo :)

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