3 Best Attractions to look forward in Zoobic Safari

If you’re not a fan of animals in captivity,  Zoobic Safari isn’t a recommended place for you. But if you’re one curious adventurer who only itch to see what’s inside the famous zoo, then I guess one visit won’t hurt. 

Last Thursday, I made my first visit inside the 25 hectare zoo. Inside are the many attractions from Aeta Trail to Subic Park to the popular Tiger Safari. The entire place was indeed something you will find interesting on your first visit but my 3 Best Attractions to look forward in Zoobic Safari are:

1. Bird Walk. It was really the funniest and most memorable part for me. Guess why? Ah yes, the stinky smell is given. But the reason really was because a number of birds who look a little similar to a vulture approached me like they wanted to eat me. At first, I thought it was normal for them to be that friendly to visitors. Then I noticed, they were only after the fruit basket I was holding. My heart raced fast when I realized that. Of course I can’t just throw the fruits and run. So what I did was, hand the basket to the tour guide. 


Maybe if not for him, I should be a hit on Youtube by now. Lol. 

Another fun thing to try at the Bird Walk was the Bird feeding. It was ticklish yet addicting. Only that, you need to buy feeds for 10 pesos per small pack.  

bird feeding
Bird Feeding

2. Camel. Because it was my first time to see a camel, I had to do an obligatory selfie with it. The funny part was, I almost had my first kiss, with a camel! 

camel zoobic safari

 But camels, for me, were the coolest and kindest looking animal I fed. The people loved the camels because they don't just attack unless you reach them the food (in my experience). Plus, they're attentive at the cameras. 

3. Tiger Safari. Of all, here’s the popular Tiger Safari where you get to experience a ride inside the tiger’s territory and see them up close eating raw chicken. 

I was that close to the tiger!
 Just be ready to be blown away by the its strong breath. 

Other Attractions in Zoobic Safari are as follows:

Rodent World

Aeta's Trail

Zoobic Cave

Preserved Albino Water Buffalo head in the Zoobic Cave

Close Encounter with Siberian Bengal Tigers

Zoobic Cave

Animal MuZOOeum where bones and animal skins are preserved

Croco Loco
Croco Loco was the last we visited. Then, we decided to eat and freshen up at Camayan Beach Resort, a nearby attraction. 

The Verdict
Restrooms are clean. One thing I love the most!
Tour guide is approachable but not so energetic. Though I can't blame them as their job is really tiring. 
The entire zoo is educational but animals looked unhealthy. 

Will I go back? Honestly, it's not something I'd die to see again. But then, second visit won't hurt either.

Zoobic Safari is located at Group I Ilanin Forest Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Schedule: 8 am to 4 pm
Entrance Fees:  Php 495 Adult, Php 395 Kids 4 ft. and below, Free- Kids 3 ft. and below

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