Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, A Historical Landmark in Laguna


Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in Laguna is only a few minute walk from our second home in Nagcarlan but we never had the chance to see what’s inside. It was just lately that I finally sneaked a peek in the town’s historical landmark. 

I remember growing up in Nagcarlan, our go to summer hub when we were kids. Our tito (uncle) drove us here, to his in laws residence, then to some undiscovered falls or stream nearby for a swim.

The cemetery was not really our main spot for  adventure nor it was included in our itinerary. Though a lot of times I get curious as we passed by. 

And just in time last May, curiosity made its way. 

Schedule for visit

Facade of the Church at the Ground Level

List of Visitors at the Underground Cemetery

Entry point to the underground level cemetery

Underground Cemetery where bodies of priest and elites were buried (No flash allowed here.)

Emman, our adorable tour guide sharing brief history of the place

Me and Emman (tour guide)

Columbarium Niches acting as wall for the whole structure 


Facts about Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery:
  • It was established in 1845 by missionary Fr. Vicente Velloc
  • 1974 was the last underground burial
  • Only bodies of priests and elites were buried underground while commoners were buried in the ground level
  • 1981 was the stoppage of burial and the same time declaration of the cemetery as a National Landmark
  • Twice a year a mass is held at this church one on Aug and one on November
Visiting a historical landmark and satisfying my curiosity was like going back in time. Only that, you need to wake up so soon because the entire tour only lasted less than 30 minutes, depending on the number of visitors. 

The Underground Cemetery  has no entrance fee. Only donations. And guide will be provided once you sign up the visitors' sheet. Our guide Emman was really kind and he made sure we understand the history of the landmark.

After the tour, just like our regular summer, we  looked for a nearby pool (lucky we found Villa Sylvia Resort) to dip in before we go home.

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