Yet Another Zoo Experience at Paradizoo and Residence Inn (Part 1)

In celebration with the annual Social Media Day, a group of bloggers visited Paradizoo in Mendez Cavite and Residence Inn in Tagaytay.  The last time I visited a zoo called Zoobic Safari in Subic, I was attacked by a group of creepy looking hornbill. This time, yet another zoo experience was added to my life encounters.  


Our first stop was Paradizoo. It is a 12-hectare farm facility with activities like vegetable picking, farm animals encounter such as ostriches, horses in different sizes, goats, five legged cow, pot belly pigs, etc.


lemon grass juice


table accent at the reception/ zoovenir shop

Before the tour started, the staff at ParadiZoo welcomed us with lemon grass tea, which I am not a fan of but this one was better than the others I tasted.  Then, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Marketing & Branding Consultant shared to us a brief background about Paradizoo as one of the many theme parks of Zoomanity Group.  According to her all the animals and vegetation in Paradizoo can be purchased mainly because the farm also breed and reproduce animals and plants.

On our tour, we get to know more about farm animals as Karen (our guide) smartly answered most of our questions. We also learned about flowers, butterflies and bees. And as we reached the highest elevation of the farm, there was the Zing line ride, and in just a few steps, lies a bahay kubo (nipa hut) where you can buy variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Having different kinds of herbs and vegetable plants at home, I loved the idea of selling plants in an affordable price. Each seedling/plant costs P50. We bought Tarragon, which is really a good mixed to coffee, and Basil for pesto.






Jayson Biadog sharing his social media experience, with Grace Nicolas

At the end of the Paradizoo tour, we all gathered at the wedding pavilion to voluntarily share our experiences on Social Media and how one can responsibly make use of the internet as social influencers.

After the Paradizoo, our next stop: Casa Alegria for a delightful lunch and a picture perfect view.

And lastly, Residence Inn where we had really intimate moments with a python (yes a python snake!), tiger, owl and a lot more. (Click here to read Part 2.)

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