The Unexpected Puerto Galera- Day 2

Unexpected is exciting.
Unexpected makes your heart beat fast. 
Unexpected makes the most amazing experience.
Unexpected is what changes our lives.

Our Puerto Galera getaway, as mentioned in my previous post, was totally unexpected. A lot of things happened the other way around.  We were fooled by some close friends, left by the last boat trip, lost, got broke, name it. Everything was so spontaneous but it did not stopped us from enjoying starting Day 1.
And on Day 2, the thrill got doubled. Oh well for some it's probably a normal one but for us, it was one hell of a ride!

It started like this. Cristina and I decided to walk from white beach to Aninuan Falls with the confidence in mind that we can get there easily.  We passed through Tamaraw beach and Aninuan Beach but still no signs of where to go. Then we found a local. We asked about the falls. He told us that it will take us more hours to get there so better go to Talipanan falls instead. After asking a lot more questions, we followed his advice and take the route he showed us. 

DSC00336In between White Beach and Tamaraw Beach


After 30 minutes walking, still no falls spotted. But there, we found the Mangyan Village, where the real natives of Mindoro lived.

In Mangyan Village, life seems so carefree. Children can play anytime they want. Women do the house chores and sell their art piece/ weavings. Men find some at the mountain. The place is pollution free.  No internet connection but who cares?


Now back to the thrill.

As we were ascending to find the Talipanan falls, we experienced weird animal sounds, mini falls which we thought to be talipanan but not, buwis-buhay trek, insects all around, small bodies of water at some part and big boulders all around.

The path was filled with silence. Nobody was there except for us. Yes it was scary knowing we were the only people there. But boy, we haven’t seen the falls yet and we’re having fun with our funny-full of sense conversation, why stop now?

So we walk and walk until, we hit our limit. Cristina slipped on the boulder and almost fell from a 10ft height from where we were standing. She fell on her back and quickly anchored her hand to my legs. I was in total shock but immediately grabbed her. My heart felt so scared that moment and I knew from there, we had to go back even though we haven’t reach the destination yet.

  DSC00361DSC00365DSC00391 DSC00383

On our way back to the road, one amazing thing happened that filled up our energy tanks. We heard a humming bird! Yes a freaking humming bird, like in the hunger games though not of the same tune. But It was sooo cool! Like I never heard anything like that in my whole existence. In the movies, yes but in real life? That’s crazy! I felt crazy. I was in awe! It was just so overwhelming. (Lakas maka-Katniss Everdeen)

Later did we realized that fears suddenly turned to joy. God’s love really never fails to put everything in balance.

DSC00405 With the Mangyan children

After that tiring trek, we went straight to the white beach via tricycle for 120 pesos. Rest for couple of hours then headed for a nice meal and a relaxing swim.

DSC00411My first attempt to wear swimwear such revealing

DSC00414Souvenir stores

DSC00421Moi and Cristina recording our epic All of me rendition during free time

DSC00494 Literally sizzling Fire dancers at night


Now here are some tips on how to enjoy Puerto Galera on a shoestring. Follow at your own risk.

1. Be with someone you can be crazy with. I was lucky Cristina’s craziness level matches mine (even more).
2. Do your research. Or at least know the places you want to visit beforehand.
3. Try to be flexible. When something unexpected happens, learn to adjust.
4. DIY itineraries will always be the best and most memorable. So on your next travel, start doing it yourself. 
5. When visiting sites that require trekking, always hire a tour guide. That’s for safety purposes.
6. Always bring sunblock, scarf, hat, goggles, floater and swimwear so you don’t need to buy for these.
7. Never forget your camera and capture the good times.
8. Make new friends but know your limits.
9. Relax. Grab a massage for we only live once.
10. If you can’t avail the tour package, so be it. Learn to be resourceful. Go swimming, star gazing, trekking. Have it your way because creativity (with action) is what makes every adventure a memorable one.

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