Baywalk at Manila de Bay

 One of the free places here in Manila which happens to be one of our college hang-outs is “Baywalk”. From the term itself, it’s a walkway along the bay. 
I say free because you don’t necessarily spend a lot of penny going there.
You could just take a walk from the Rizal Park or Luneta going to US Embassy along Roxas Blvd. and straight to the baywalk.

 At this side, a lot of street vendors offer low prices of foods or snacks. And from there you could pick your seat while taking part on the country’s beautiful sunset viewing. Yes, that’s the best part in here, watching the sunset with your friends or your loved ones. 

So you know now where to go whenever you just need a couple of free hour to spend to when you’re at Manila, so cheers.


Sailor said...

You have some interesting pictures!
Cruise Pictures

van said...

ThankS SaiLOr!

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