Rewarding Life

This year I had an opportunity to go an a day vacation. It’s a simple yet a rewarding treat hosted by my mom and her friend Ms.Ning for the celebration of my birthday. 
Well, I wasn’t really expecting anything out of that day. My mom just called me and told me if I am free on Sunday, the day before my real birth date. As much as I wanted to take a rest,
out of the busy schedule, I instantly said yes.

So, there we go. The soonest as the sun rises, we already arrived at the place. Admittedly, I am not that excited like any of my friends who were with me, because I’ve already been there a year ago.

But what amazed me is the “Bahay Kubo” that Ms. Ning and her hubby built on the place.
It was like 20 sq. meter house on top of a hill without any neighbors over looking the Laguna lake and the city where we came from.

So, there we rest our wearied soul and rested our feet over the smoothest of the earth. And found the lover of our tummies.

The wind rushly greet us with the companion of trees surrounding the place.
It was like going back to the year where technology doesn’t even existed. There is no electricity and even water connection.
You have to go down into a well “bukal” from the bottom of the earth and bring back to get the water.
You have to commune with nature and feel every gift.
 After we ate, we lay down the floor, not made of tiles but of bamboo and “banig”.
 You can feel the air rushes in between the gap of the flooring and the whistle of the grasses is like a sleeping hymn. It was an exact description of a "SIMPLE LIFE".

 No entertainment set at the living area. No computer machines. No communication with the global network. No concrete footing buried on the ground. Not even a rebar to reinforce the house. The roof is made of “sawali” coconut leaves. No roof tile or GI sheet can be seen. Neither glass windows nor fabricated doors were included. And only bamboo sticks won the price in the bidding.

Although, the house is like any in the painting which my sister and I used to imagine when we were kids, its the serenity that brings us back into our home. Just you and your home made by God’s natural resources.
Thank God I had my share with that beauty. Well, I thanked everyone there who accompanied me to discover what life needs to be and what my heart truly desires, its living not in a mansion but in a “kubo” with everyone I love.


Cla said...

wow ate! cool

van said...

Haha! Thanks Cla!Uhmmwah

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