What's in your backpack?

As my clock tick tock

                                                           And the sun slowly turns into dark
                                                      I wonder how the other side of the world
                                                                 Count another year to come.

In this world called Earth,.
We are all campers…
As we leave the year 2010
And enters the coming year…
What are the things we will include in our backpack?

Going back on our subject in school days,
What does history tells us?
That it always have the ability to repeat itself
“History repeats”
Just like how the earth revolves around its axis
turning 360 degrees.
Does it mirror the same plane were going through?
Does it reflects your same image in the water?
I believe no. Just like a twin sister or brother,
There are many similarities, almost everything,
but there are also differences that makes up their identity.
It’s quite few but their uniqueness differentiates one from another.
Meaning, each year reflects some sort of peculiarity that will always separates them.

That made me think of the word Change..
It’s the only one been constant through the years..

But what really matters most to mankind?
Is it the lifestyle, religion, discovery, government?
What do we leave behind?
And what do we treasure most?
That all other things may fade…

How about you,.
What would you put into your backpack?

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