Experiencing Snow at Manila Ocean Park’s Trails to Antarctica

Living in a tropical country with no occurrence of snow, I easily get fascinated whenever I watch TV shows about people experiencing snow, wearing thick coats and boots,  making snow man and throwing snow balls. But, I remember my own piece of snow when I was little.

The only place I experience snow was in our fridge. We get formed ice and slip it inside one's shirt. Then our play time started. Our little experience scraping those snow flakes was totally fun up until now but to have it in a much bigger venue was even better!
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Me and the cousin Experiencing Snow at Manila Ocean Park’s Trails to Antarctica

As we entered the Trails to Antarctica, the first thing we saw was not snow.  Inside is a mezzanine area where you can see the Oceanarium below. Walk straight and there you'll find the Penguin Exhibit.

Trails to Antartica has 4 activities: Slide O Fun, Penguin Exhibit, Antarctica hall way Exhibit and Snow Village.

Trails to Antarctica
Trails to Antarctica
Penguins were so cute to look at. I enjoyed watching how they dive, swim and walk. Oh how cute they walk!!! Now I'm thinking of adding to my long bucket list this: get so close to penguins at their natural habitat.  

After the exhibit, our next stop was the Snow Village. The staff inside told us that it's the last activity so we might as well try other activities first. Then, we headed to Slide O' Fun.

Slide O Fun is a quick 2 minute slide. So quick I didn't even feel it (Joke!).

Slide O Fun, slide, manila ocean park, trails to antarctica
Slide O fun for two!
After the slide, came the Snow Village!

First things first, wear your jackets! Others don't like to wear them but for me, I needed it. I just wished I brought the sosyalen coat mom gave me. Then we entered the room, wearing our excited smiles and all cameras ready. The staff warned us about our cameras getting moist but it's not prohibited naman. Just a plain warning.

Manila ocean park, snow village, trails to antarctica, snow
Snow Village
 Snow Village is.a.big.fridge! A room (not so big) covered with snow on the floor, walls and ceiling. Even the ducts has snow! There are penguin displays, pine trees and benches. Also penguin designed path walk to avoid slippage.


During our visit, thank God we (me and the cousin) were not the only persons inside.  There were 4 Americans too, and a group of men doing some shoveling and digging work to share the coldness with. But after few minutes, our other companions left. It's just me, the cousin and the men digging.

The room was not so big. You can go around it in a minute I guess. 


We stayed inside for 10 minutes. The staff said, there's no time limit naman so bonggang sinulit namen ang pag-papalamig. We took lots of pictures, watched men at work, walked around, joked about living to a place with snow, laughed at our red noses and played with our breaths.

It was indeed a fun experience until, our skin felt numb.  One side effects of cold environment. Then I realized, we needed to leave the snow village. 

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