Getting Around Intramuros on a Bambike

Getting around Intramuros, Manila on a bambike was a cool idea. Even better with people in love with Philippine history.

Yesterday, I had my first Intramuros Ecotour on a bambike (short for bamboo bike). And to my luck, I was able to ride with fellow bloggers and the Bambike owner/creator/eco tourism developer and a cool guy Bryan McClelland. 

Bryan first introduced Bambike to us through a video presentation then he let us pick our choice of bambike for the tour. Here are some facts about Bambike:
  • Bambikes are handcrafted by a group of skilled BamBuilders (bamboo bike builders).
  • Bambike frames take approximately 50 working hours to build.
  • The select species of bamboo they use are at least as strong as steel in tensile strength and have higher strength-to-weight ratios.
  • Most of the frame is made out of bamboo. The lugs (or joints) of the Bambike are made of abaca fiber and resin. The component interfaces, or connection points, are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum.  
  • Bamboo bikes, frames and other stuff made of bamboos can be purchased online or on BamBike store located in Manila.
Bambike shop displays; salakot used as helmet above and a world map below
Philippine flag bambike seat cover
Inside the Bambike Shop

Martin testing his bambike before the tour
Bambikes were very light to look at.  And how they look on the outside are also how light they are when used.

Bambikes were tested before the tour to know if the rider is comfortable or needs a change. Helmets were also provided in the tour. And of course, an obligatory group photo before heading out.

BamBloggers with Bryan McClelland. Photo Credit: BamBike

BamBloggers Groupie

BamBikers on the Walls on Intramuros.

BamBloggers enjoying their ride
Some places of interest we visited were Plaza San Luis Complex, San Agustine Church
Baluarte de San Diego Gardens, Puerta Real Gardens, Escuella Taller, Baluarte de Dilao, Puerta del Parian, Plaza Roma, Fort Santiago and more. Tour ended as we went back to the Bambike store and talked about our thoughts on Bambikes.

The two and a half hour ride (plus the sun's intense heat) was pretty exhausting yet enjoyable (not to mention educational). It was so fun  I almost forgot to slow down at times. I commend those BamBuilders for a well done craft. It's truly a privilege knowing that riding on a hand-crafted bamboo bicycles can contribute to the development of the country and it's people.

Aside from it's advocacy, cycling also promotes good  health and less stress (due to traffic). I hope city developers and urban planners, consider incorporating bike lanes on their future plans.

Few tips for those joining Ecotour; wear sunblock, don't forget your safety gears, bring extra bottle of water, towels and extra shirt, medication (in case), cameras and a smile to people you see on the road.

Bambikers taking a break
Bambike Ecotours is open from 9am to 6pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. For Tour Schedules, they have  10 AM to 12:30 NN and 3 PM to 5:30 PM. Price is at P600 (each for 1 hour tour) where you can choose your own adventure, and P1 200 each for the 2.5 hour tour visiting 10 locations.  
For more information, refer on the photo below. 

Bambike is a socio-ecological enterprise that builds bamboo bikes with a community development program in the Philippines. It's goal: to do better business and to make the greenest bikes on the planet. Check their store at,
Location: Plaza San Luis Complex Real St. corner General Luna St. Intramuros, Manila.
Website: or like them on
Facebook Page: BamBIKE FB Page

Special thanks to WazzupPilipinas and Bambike for the Ecotour invite.

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