Paoay Sand Dunes, Where Off-road Adventure begins

The last on our itinerary that day is  the Paoay Sand Dunes. It is located near Paoay Lake, Plaza del Norte and Malacanang of the North. Here, our main goal is to experience a non-stop off-road adventure.


Upon arrival 5:30 in the afternoon, we jump out of our van and proceed to the registration booth.
Here, we filled-out our names, paid our bill which cost us a total of 1,500 pesos for one 4x4  30-minute ride(maximum of 5 persons). And around 6:00pm comes the 4x4 we’ve been waiting.


Though we’ve been visiting Ilocos Norte for how many times now, It’s our first time to went through this famous ride. If you’re a sporty fellow type, you shouldn’t missed this one hell of an adventure. Why? 


Terrain with drop-offs, steep inclines and gradually changing sands slope will excite you more, but if you’re looking for a comfort, sorry this might not be the one for you. Imagine our pace is somewhat faster when we are reaching heights and then suddenly drop downhill, just like in a roller coaster ride although not that smooth. 

We yelled, we shouted, our knees trembled at first. But thank you to our nice driver, he let us know if uphill is coming and we are about to climb high. Truly, an adrenaline rush. You can feel your stomach drops/released on downhill and my hand sweat big time while still holding tight on the rails.
His piece of advice, “ Relax..”  Smile 


Just in time to Sunset, finally the one we’re chasing showed up. What a beautiful ride..
Everything comes perfectly in place.
We really enjoyed a lot and would definitely return next time to try sand boarding too Smile..
“Worth a try though muscle pain awaits the coming day” –footy

So thrill seekers, what are you waiting for? Hop in…

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