What to remember when trekking to Mt. Pinatubo

Mt Pinatubo For those of you planning a trek to Mt. Pinatubo, here are some tips:
  1. Do your research. Read some blogs and learn from the experience of people who have been there.
  2. Travel light. Trekking to Mt Pinatubo can be pretty exhausting. Day trip is one hour bumpy 4x4 ride and an hour trekking. You don’t want much baggage when you trek, do you?
  3. Eat heavy breakfast. Don’t worry you will burn it along the way.
  4. Wear trek clothes, anything light and something that dries fast. And bring an extra shirt if you have an excessive sweating. 
  5. Wear appropriate footwear that can be used both for rocky road and little river crossings. No heels and weak step ins please. 
  6. Bring sun protection like cap, sunscreen, sunglass, scarf anything that’s not so heavy. Umbrella is optional. Some in our group were able to use theirs while I used my water-resistant jacket. 
  7. Bring food trail and a liter of water, or more. My bad was that I only brought a 500ml bottle of water coz I thought I won’t be that thirsty. I was wrong!
  8. Don’t drink too much when trekking. Bathrooms are available but not in every corner.
  9. Talk to the tourist guides. They tell history of the place better than some history teachers.
  10. Don’t bring swimsuits. Swimming is no longer allowed in the lake.
  11. Don’t break the rules. Signages are all over the peak so behave for once.
  12. Of course, never forget the important; your cameras, cell phones (no signals at some part but you can bring it for emergency purposes), personal medicine, first aid kit (if you’re clumsy like me), packed lunch, vanity kit (to wash the lagkit away) and plastic for your trash.
And that’s all. If you have some more ideas to add, please comment below.  Happy trekking guys!
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