Trek to Mt. Pinatubo Lake

Mt. Pinatubo Lake, located near the boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales provinces in the Philippines, has been one of the tourist attraction in the country, not only because of its extreme adventure experience but also for the history behind its grandeur.
On 1991, Mt.Pinatubo erupted. 364 communities were affected.  2.1 million people, damaged. 73,000 houses, destroyed. 86,000 hectare farmland covered with “lahar” or volcanic ash. (Source
Imagine how catastrophic it was! But then something was proven that the greater the devastation, the greater the restoration. 

Mt. Pinatubo’s lahar laden lands of Crow Valley, is today the beautiful waters of Lake Pinatubo. The boulders and rock formations are just some of the breathtaking views one must look forward when trekking to Mt. Pinatubo.
DSC09749DSC09728Riding a 4x4 ride was totally AWESOME especially with these folks

DSC09736 Friendly aeta children on the road
After 2 hours… (that’s 1 hour 4x4 ride & 1 hour trek) Rest Station spotted! 
DSC09810DSC09797From the Rest Station, this sign can be seen. This means you’re just a few minutes to the Lake. Better test yourselves guys, Where do you belong?
DSC09813 Almost there! DSC09821Signages as you reach the peak. DSC09828
And finally!DSC09824DSC09832Eyes are sooo much better than camera in capturing its beauty.
1689032_10152252950783724_657432187_nPhoto by Danne F. Photo by Sharon ADSC09872
Water is too tempting, I know! But swimming isn’t allowed anymore. Our tour guide said it was because of the drowning incident that took place. Also boat ride and other Pinatubo activities were still unavailable, sad to say.
DSC098441796902_847696388580177_1720507618_o Photo by Rosanna A.
After getting enough pictures, and we knew it was enough already, we headed up for lunch. And trekked back to our 4x4 bumpy ride.  
Tour Package by Vagabond Pinas
Cost: 2200 pesos
Total Individual Expense: less 2500 pesos

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