Practice Run at Track 30th

Practice is essential if you want success in your plans. And since we (sister and I) planned to succeed in our first 5K Red Crab Run, practice must be in our minds and hearts. We started it last week at Track 30th in BGC Taguig. It’s my second time there but the amazing feeling of seeing it for the first time is still with me.


Track 30th is just walking distance if you’re coming from Market Market. It’s on the 30th St. fronting two parkade and on the other side the green financial building.



Track 30th is a good and safe place that really encourages people to stay fit and healthy. Above are some of the rules to observe.


View from the entry point


Those logs are formed for sit ups, push ups, and any other stretching. Sister and I did a few sit ups then we played badminton, run and after, rested a bit.


Sports and rest area


Running, truly, is one of the cheapest sport but you see runners invest for gears so they could run better. And for us beginners, here’s what we got:




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